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” Through our partnership with behavioral health agencies we  are able to provide case management and counseling  services. We also provide professional development services to  teachers and behavioral health professionals that work with  our families “

Teach Not Punish - Services, Resources, and Community Events

“Education For Scholars, Inc. (E.F.S.) is a faith-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting families and establishing a future for youth. By partnering with students, parents, educational institutions, and communities, Education For Scholars, Inc. provides services that will equip youth with the skills and resources needed for success. “

Education for Scholars, Inc. - Educate, Mentor and Equip

” Just The Beginning intentionally fashions to institute a paradigm shift in the traditional methods for providing assistance to families, while bridging justice-involved women, support and resources that are required for individual and familial success. “

Just The Beginning - Grow, Transform and Influence

” Banks Bail Bonds is ready to serve you with quality customer care. We provide bonds for any amount you need. We can furnish any size bail bond and will work with you to get the bond approved. No bond is too small or too large. We will post small bonds for a traffic citation and criminal cases. We also do expungements, and Job placement for Felons.”

Banks Bail Bonds - Servicing Any Court, Anywhere in Michigan

” Our goal is to provide job access through independent job opportunities and work from home positions for people who require more of a work and life balance. “

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